February 15, 2009

Some Flowers From 2008

These are some of my flowers from last year. Yes, I'm feeling the itch.

In the past I've started many of them from seed. But it doesn't work very

well because I don't have a small enough room in my house. It needs

to be at the very least 50 degrees and lots of sunshine. Since MI isn't known

to be the sunniest state, I have to use alternate sources. My dream is to one day

have my very own greenhouse. I was promised a potting shed and I'm still......

Tom's just busy. And speaking of Tom, yesterday he came home with a dozen

roses!! He gave them to me and said, "Would you mind deviding these between

you and the girls?" LOL LOL We laughed so hard...LOL LOL

I really want to thank each and every one of you that responded in a kind and

spiritual way. Brianna and I started a puzzle together last night. I told her

that I've been praying for us to be better friends but I'm her mother first. I

know she feels bad but I can't and won't let her do something that isn't in her

best interest and that's that.

Haven't heard a word from Andrea and Josh today. She doesn't even know

that she has flowers here. I wonder what Josh got her for Valentines Day. I'll

find out soon. She is so thoughtful, in the mailbox on Friday I noticed

there was a card addressed to Kylee for Valentines Day. I think she missed her

as much as I do.Posted by Picasa
I have to go now, Tom is getting hungry and wants to know when dessert
is done. :)


Mari said...

I love the new look!!! I'm also ready to see flowers for real, but I guess we have to wait a little while yet. How sweet of Tom to buy roses and think of all his girls!

Anonymous said...

Yes very nice look, glad things are getting better between you and your daughter:)I also want spring!!!!My post is Think Spring:) We are all ready:)

Nancy said...

Mothers and daughters do wax and wane, but we always love them not matter what... I like the new look and I'm ready for flowers and color in the landscape again to...

Lisa said...

Oh Kae I love your flowers I knew we were kindred spirits :) Flowers are one of my passions. I have had you on my mind this evening.I hope your burden is lighter today. I think we will always have our battles to fight with our children but I've been told they do get easier as they get older.It seems we hurt the ones we love the most with words. I am as gulity as my dd but God knows our hearts and he is is merciful.
Love and hugs. Lisa

Cheri said...

I absolutely love, love, love your new look. So cheerful!
I've got the itch too- can't wait for spring!

The Vintage Rose said...

I will be praying for you and Briana. I'm so glad you have told her you have to be a mother first (in charge) and a friend second. Try to take time to do something together every day or every other day to build positive relationship and keep guiding her firmly and in a Godly direction.

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