November 25, 2008

Tips on Tuesday

I was looking for tips for the holiday season and I found a few nice ones. I found that red wines such as Pinot Noir is the top choice for Thanksgiving dinner based on a survey by Wine Inspector. Zinfandel the truly American grape is a strong candidate to pour at the American Holiday Feast. The rich red wine will stand up to the strong flavors of the holiday dinner.

Tips for the Table
The table cloth should hang at least 6" on all sides of the table.
White candles provide soft tones.
A deep purple tablecloth with green runners across the width of the table,
adding orange plates and fall center piece is very very pretty.

I found these tips on
Have a great and safe holiday.


Mari said...

I would never have thought of a purple tablecloth, but it sounds pretty!

Nancy said...

Yeah purple,green and orange who would think of those colors for Thanksgiving?? Bet it would look beautiful...

Anonymous said...

RYC: Thanks for stopping by my blog. I so wanted my blog to be a source of encouragement and support. I hope that knowing we all have our emotional days helps you feel better too. :)

Sandra said...

Great tips Kae :) I also wouldn't have thought of a purple tablecloth.

Anonymous said...