September 24, 2008

Prayer Request

Yesterday I was cooking supper and watching the news at the same time when I heard "Ottawa Co. Man killed today in electrical accident". It got my attention because I live in Ottawa Co. so I listened a little closer. "Forty-four year old Scott Maxwell died today-----and that's all I heard and couldn't believe what I was hearing. If you remember an earlier post I went camping. Scott and his wife were there with their small girls. Along with them was Torey, Scott's son from his first wife. (I couldn't believe how he had grown) Scott and his sons Tyler and Torey lost Lisa to cancer when the boys were very young...Julie has been a great Mom to them. So I have to get out THOSE CLOSTHES again. This is going to be very hard since I went to highschool with Scott, Julie, Julie's sister Sue, and Lisa and I graduated with Lisa's brother Lance. Lance, Scott, Sue, and me graduated the same year. Again I ask for your prayers to pass along to those who need them most right now....God Bless You k