March 27, 2009

Duck & Chicken Ranchers

Yes, you read that right. Tom took Brianna to the farm
supply store and they came home with these two ducks.
They are the cutest little things and we've been having a lot
of fun. Brianna cleans up after them and gives them baths
every day. It's fun when she puts them in the bathtub for a
bath. They swim around paddling those little webbed feet
going back and forth. Brianna has named them Donald and
Daisy. I don't know which one is which but Brianna does.

The chickens are mine. I've wanted chickens for a long time so
I went down and bought myself some. There are 2 Rhode Island
Reds and 1 Bantum somethingoranother. I've named each of them.
One of the Reds is named Rhoda, the other is Timmy. The
Banty(rooster) is called The Banty. Although these names can and will be changed in an instant.
If and when they start eating my flowers they will be called
Breakfast, Lunch and Supper!!

See how the little one is under Rhoda, he stays under or
between those two most of the time. I didn't realize just
how mean they can be. Sometimes they stand in the food
dish and won't let the little one eat.
It doesn't take a lot to entertain us, I've always that I'm
a cheap date. Just buy me chickens!

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Nancy said...

Oh Kae, what a hoot you are... They are all very cute, but you do know they will get bigger... right??

All My Blessings said...

Yes I do know that. The ducks are already outgrowing the tote they are in. Brianna and I are going to the farm supply store in just a few minutes....hehehehe!

Darla said...

how adorable and fun! hope you guys continue to enjoy them so they won't become dinner. hehe.

Mari said...

They are cute! Glad you are easily entertained!
PS - Did you see your blog on Sandra's (Diary of a SAHM) post today? I saw it on the video she showed!

Deb said...

Oh, what FUN!!! Girl you crack me up, Breakfast, lunch, and supper, ha ha ha ha ha ha:) ENJOY:)

Lisa said...

My dear grandma ordered baby chicks in the mail and she would put them under special lights and she just took such good care of them until they became large enough to place in a pen.I remember the noise they made and the way the scratch feed smelled. I thought they were so cute. I can see you loving these babies like my sweet granny did.I was a little afraid of them lol.
Hugs. Lisa

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You have no clue what this post has done to me. I have a mojr THING for baby chickens, and even big chickens. Everyone makes fun of me, but it goes back to childhood when my mom did what you guys have just done, and it was totally out of character for them. I have even had chickens as an adult in my backyard in the city! My dream is to retire and have a small flock of Japanese Silkies. they are like giant baby chicks. thanks for sharing!

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