January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Good morning to all my blogging friends out there in blog land, I've been awake since about 6:30am on 12-31-08 and I see no signs of sleeping now. I was very cold and couldn't seem to get warm all night. I got up and put more clothes and still shivered. Tom on the other hand, is sleeping like a baby just likes Dads do. I lay awake and I listen to Jay Leno with Jamie Fox who happens to be one of the funniest people I've seen in a long time and then there was Conan O'someboby that I never watch but tonight I do. Then, after enough of that, I turn to the local PBS channel and watch Nasa. That was very depressing and I cried for the people who lost loved ones that were attempting to reach the moon. Foreign and American alike.

Next was the news of 2009- I laughed so hard sometimes I thought for sure I woke Tom that time. I thought that maybe I better get up and start typing as fast as my fingers could go because I didn't want to miss a thing. I don't have a light over my computer so I look around the room and decide on the floor lamp. As I come across the room with the lamp in my right hand and holding on to whatever would hold me with my left, I notice the dog looking at me like this time for sure she's lost her mind. I get myself all situated with water, bread some leftover peaches, blanket and Tom's refriderwear and I'm all set.

There's still unrest over in the middleast, we are in a recession, people are freezing their butts off to welcome in the new year, Robbie Knievel has something to prove, the "senator" in IL is still waving and smiling to everyone, we have a new President Elect and not her. Do the words respect, shame, fidelity, treason, pride, humility and so on and so forth still apply to everyone? Or to those who only know the definition. Oh by the way, I saw Bill and Hillary in New York when the ball came down and I wanted to watch them kiss so bad!!!!

It's almost 5:30 and I'm turning in now. I pray that all of my children are safe and sound. I'm certain Brianna is safe in her room because a person could bread a leg trying to get to her.

I still like Sarah Palin. I'm proud of Michael Phelps and PLEASE don't let me down?!

I have a new year now to start counting more Blessings. Thank you to all my Blogging Blessings and you know who you are..... Kae ;)


Mari said...

I hope you are still sleeping as I type this. I was up late last night too, but not that late. I enjoyed this post - thanks for updating us with all the things we missed last night!
Happy New Year!

Sandra said...

This was a fun post.

You know I was in bed at 1am and that's because I was up watching my series from Netflix LOL

I completely ignored the whole midnight thing, as a matter of fact, I was in the bathroom when the new year rang in and had hubby and my daughter at the door yelling "Happy New year" LOL

Nancy said...

You are a night owl!!! I didn't even make it to midnight.. been there done that to many times. I had to work today so I was in bed at 11pm. No excitement for me.. Thanks for filling us in on what took place in the wee hours..

Anonymous said...

Written like a true night owl. Happy New Year Kae!

Anonymous said...