November 13, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Hello Everyone it's been a while since I've posted anything. I've had something just about every day to post and I've not been able to get to it. Now it all seems not very important as it did before. I've been having trouble moving around. The weather is drab and wet and it effects my days. I have fibromyalgia and this time of the year are the worst for me. I hate to be cold. I can't get warm unless I take a bath or shower. The last 3 years or so have been trying to say the least and in spite of it all I try my very best to stay positive.
I'm smiling as I'm typing because I'm thinking of my granddaughter, Kylee. She is my heart as my Mammaw would say. I miss her. I miss Kylee and Mammaw. Kylee has the best new Mom and Dad that anyone could ask for. My daughter chose this couple when we weren't on the best of terms. We were nervous when we found out that she had chosen someone since her judgment hasn't always been the best. CJ decided to move out of state and leave Kylee with us. This was when I knew God had heard my prayers. My prayers went something like this: "God please keep CJ and Kylee safe and under your watchful eye. Keep a hand on CJ's shoulder and lead her to do whatever is in the best interest of Kylee." God is so good. CJ left Kylee with us and we agreed that she would be adopted by this couple..we would have agreed to anything at this point, we did and I give CJ all of the credit. She picked two of most deserving and loving people and Kylee and we are very lucky to have them.
I think I'm going to take a bath and not worry about catching up on anything since the things that are the most important are now in place. I'm smiling now.......