October 20, 2008

Tips on Tuesday

I haven't tried this one myself but I was told that to get rid of the black marks made by shoes of the floors is to use a tennis ball. Simply rub the tennis ball on the mark and it disappears. I don't have light colored linoleum floors so I'm not sure how it works.. If anyone tries this tip please let me know......thanx,,,,,,,,k


Mari said...

It sounds like it would work. I only have a small piece of linoleum in our half bath, so rarely would get the chance to try it.
PS - Bob said you stopped by the store - at least he thinks it was you!

Lisa said...

Dear Kae
Thank you for this helpful tip. I do have light color linoleum in my bathrooms.Thank you for your prayers and friendship.You are a special friend.
Love -hugs-. Lisa

Nancy said...

Sounds like the would be an easy way to get out black streaks, but I don't have any of that kind of flooring so will have to tell Larry at work maybe he could try it. The dining room is always a challenge for him to keep the floors clean.

Anonymous said...