September 28, 2008

Our Oldest Daughter CJ

Hi, this is CJ our oldest. She's very smart and likes to laugh a lot. She graduated from Allendale High School and never looked back. After graduation she started working Arbys and now has worked her way up to Assistant Manager for the evening shift. She worked for other places but always found herself right back there. We're so proud her, she has stuck with it and now it's paid off. She's gone through some rough times but with the love of God and many prayers life is a little easier now. I remember as a little girl she could run so fast and once when I went to pick her up from daycare she was running around in the backyard with a butterfly net trying to catch a small yellow one. Barb said "Kae she's been doing this all afternoon and she hasn't caught one yet but she doesn't care she's having fun". That's my girl.....k
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Mari said...

That's a nice picture of her. I'm glad things are going better for her - that determination will go a long way!

Nancy said...

WhoHoo!! You did it got the pictures figured out & the whole works.Your Daughters are beautiful!!
Good to see you today, glad you stopped by it was a more relaxed day for sure.

Lisa said...

Your daugter is lovely and I know you are very proud of her. Her strong will, will help her succeed in life!

Shelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your daughters are beautiful and you can tell you are very proud of them. All our kids are special in their own little ways. I can just see her running around trying to catch that butterfly. Now that is determination.

Happy blogging.

Anonymous said...